Stopping For Water Keeps You Going

Welcome to the California campaign to protect outdoor workers from heat illness.

Heat illness can be deadly but it is entirely preventable. If you perform physical work in hot conditions, you need to use water, rest and shade to avoid overheating. Watch for symptoms of heat illness in yourself and in co-workers to avoid serious health problems.

Early symptoms include fatigue, heavy sweating, headache, cramps, dizziness, high pulse rate and nausea or vomiting.

Life-threatening symptoms include high body temperature, red, hot and dry skin, confusion, convulsion and fainting.

Prevention takes planning, and workers need to know who to alert of medical concerns before starting work each day. Employers and supervisors must ensure safety training for workers as well as provide fresh water and shaded areas for rest breaks. By staying alert to the weather and making heat safety part of the job, employers and workers can work longer, feel stronger and stay healthy.

The California Heat Illness Prevention Standard (GISO 3395) protects all workers from heat, regardless of immigration status. The resources on this site support education and training to meet this standard, and can be downloaded in a variety of languages.