Prevent Heat Illness.

In California, heat illness prevention training is required for all outdoor workers and a written prevention plan must be available at all outdoor worksites.

Cal/OSHA's Heat Illness Prevention regulation applies to all outdoor places of employment such as those in the agriculture, construction, and landscaping industries.

Steps Required to Prevent Heat Illness

  • Water – Access to fresh water so that each worker can drink at least one quart of water per hour.
  • Rest – A preventative cool-down rest in the shade is allowed whenever workers feel the need to prevent themselves from overheating.
  • Shade – At any time workers can request access to shade and it must be provided. A shaded area must be present when temperature exceeds 80 degrees.
  • Plan – Employers must develop and implement a written Heat Illness Prevention Plan, and some industries must also include high-heat procedures for when the temperature equals or exceeds 95 degrees.
  • Training – All employees and supervisors must be effectively trained on heat illness prevention. Training should include the signs and symptoms of heat illness and procedures for responding to possible heat illness.
Employers make sure your workers receive Water.  Shade.  Rest.