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Heat illness is caused by doing physical work when it is hot. This makes your body temperature go up and you can overheat if you don’t take the necessary steps to cool off. Employers must provide water, rest, shade and training to protect workers. California’s heat standard protects all workers from heat –regardless of immigration status.

Materials that promote heat safety
are available in multiple languages:

A. Illustrated, low-literacy fact sheets (Downloads PDFs):

B. How to report a problem to Cal/OSHA (Downloads PDFs):

C. DVD (to watch click here)

A 9-minute DVD that discusses preventing and responding to heat illness – featuring workers from three occupations (agriculture, construction, and landscaping work) and including Spanish-, Mixteco-, Punjabi- and Hmong-speaking workers. (Audio options are available in these four languages as well as English). Comes with a discussion guide so that you can lead a short discussion after watching the DVD. See below for ordering information.

DVD Guides (Downloads PDF):

D. Community Training guide
An easy-to-follow illustrated 11 X 17 flipchart guide – leads the trainer through a heat awareness training, and provides visuals for workers. (Downloads PDF):

E. Employer Training KitClick here.
This training kit, when combined with training on your company’s specific procedures, is designed to help you meet compliance with the Heat Illness Prevention standard. Includes fact sheets for workers, as well as posters and a training guide for the trainer to use. Also comes with a Supervisor’s Daily Checklist, that reminds you of what’s needed at the worksite each day.

F. Community posters
Help post and distribute throughout your community. (Downloads PDF):

To order copies of any of these materials,