The campaign

Since 2010, Cal/OSHA has complemented enforcement efforts with this public awareness campaign to protect California's outdoor workers from heat illness.

Campaign strategies include:

Educational materials and media are produced in English as well as the languages spoken by California's most vulnerable outdoor workers: Spanish, Mixteco, Hmong and Punjabi.

Campaign partners have been critical in developing effective strategies to raise awareness of heat illness prevention. The Department of Industrial Relations along with Cal/OSHA contracts with the Labor Occupational Health Program at UC Berkeley for this public awareness campaign.

Cal/OSHA enforces the heat illness preventions at outdoor work sites, in addition to outreach and training for workers and employers on the hazards that high temperatures present. Along with the heat illness prevention educational campaign, Cal/OSHA issues High Heat Advisories whenever temperatures rise above normal.

Cal/OSHA investigates suspected heat illness fatalities and takes the risk of heat illness very seriously. If workers are at risk of heat illness due to inadequate safeguards and compliance with regulations, Cal/OSHA investigators will instate a shut-down order (also known as an Order Prohibiting Use) to stop work at the site.

Funding for this campaign is mandated by the legislature and does not come from the state’s general fund. Under California Labor Code 2698, a portion of money received from lawsuits filed due to violations of the state’s labor laws is earmarked for educating employers and employees about their rights and responsibilities.